Jul 4, 2016 | Concussion

Concussion/ Traumatic Brain Injury

Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or post concussion syndrome are all terms for what is quickly becoming on of the most prevalent conditions. Some studies have shown that concussions have doubled since 2005 in our high school kids.

Short term vertigo or dizziness, typically less than 30 seconds.

Attacks are bought on by head movement. Often associated with rolling over in bed.

The vertigo is severe and can lead to vomiting.

Fortunately Chiropractor Dr Hansen has under gone further studies beyond the 5 year Chiropractic degree into the field of balance, vertigo and BPPV to understand what makes us feel unsteady.

Many people who have a concussion feel fine afterwards and don’t notice any consequences. However, brain injury symptoms can start out as minor things that then start to take over your life;

  • You may feel a bit more fatigue than normal
  • You may find it harder to focus
  • Reading speed decreases
  • Headaches
  • Digestion starts to play up, maybe develop IBS
  • Feel foggy all the time
  • Balance gets worse
  • Doing maths or planning out the week becomes harder
  • Depression
  • Decrease in social interactions
  • Memory is not as good as it use to be
  • Frustration

Fortunately there is hope out there. Including Brain and Body Health there are a few clinics equipped to help people with brain injury.

The techniques we use to help with TBI or brain injury are all based on the latest scientific research. We use sophisticated equipment to measure eye function, balance and autonomic function to name a few. This way we have data to support show us your improvement.

Our aim is to get your Brain as healthy and strong as possible so you can get your life back.

If you compete in, or have competed in, any contact sports in the past you should consider coming in and getting checked. The best time to stat was 10 years ago, the second best is today.

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