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BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is one of the most horrific conditions to experience. Fortunately the corrective procedure for BPPV takes minutes and usually leaves you feeling 100% vertigo free.

Diagnostic VNG equipment to identify which canal is effected
Chiropractic neck adjustment
Same day relief with the Epley manoeuvre
Laser Tracing
Exercises to help you get your balance back under control

Common causes of BPPV

Recent upper respiratory tract infection, plane trip or whiplash are common causes for dislodging the crystals in your inner ear leading to BPPV


Why BPPV Occurs

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is a condition affecting the inner ear structures that carry your sense of balance. It causes repeated episodes of vertigo which is a spinning sensation produced by changes in head position. These episodes most commonly happen with everyday activities such as rolling over in bed, looking up at something on a shelf higher than your head or bending forward to tie your shoes.

Illustration of woman with shoulder pain

How BPPV causes Vertigo

The spinning sensation is often accompanied by feelings of nausea, light headedness, blurred vision and poor balance.

The inner ears are like a jar full of water with some sand that has sunk to the bottom. When we bend forward the jar tips and the sand moves, telling our brain that we have bent forward, then we stand back up and the sand settles to the bottom. In BPPV some sand gets stuck on the side of the jar when you have stood back up. So your ears still have the sensation of bending over whereas your eyes, muscles and joints are telling your brain you have stood up. This mixed signal causes vertigo.

Our approach to treating BPPV

At Brain and Body Health we have been treating BPPV successfully since 2012. The Epley manoeuvre often results in immediate relief from vertigo.

Techniques we use:
Diagnosis of the specific canal effected
BBQ roll

Step 1

Assess the Vertigo

Luckily this is fairly straight forward to assess and treat! There are two tests to differentiate which ear canal the crystals are dislodged in (OR which sand jar that the sand is stuck in haha). There are two maneuvers which reposition the dislodged crystals in your ears, one called the epley maneuver which is the most common for the posterior ear canal and the BBQ roll which is the maneuver performed for the horizontal canal.

Chiropractic neck adjustment

Step 2

Get rid of the Vertigo

Perform the above listed maneuvers suited to your condition based on the results of the testing. Typically there is a substantial improvement after one visit, some cases will require 2-3 follow up sessions to completely settle the BPPV.

Chiropractic neck adjustment

Step 3

Make sure the Vertigo doesn’t come back

Occasionally BPPV can have a lasting impact on your sense of balance, in these cases we offer vestibular rehab and balance training to help you feel normal again

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