POTS/ Dysautonomia

Effective relief from POTS/ Dysautonomia starts here!

These issues can have a massive impact on quality of life, which is why we work with you to find the cause, get you symptom free and give you ways to keep the Dysautonomia/ POTS away long term.

Neck Pain
In-depth Neurological assessment to identify the cause
Laser Therapy for Neck Pain
Brain based neurological rehab to reduce symptoms
Laser Tracing
Exercises to make sure the symptoms stay under control long term

“There are several types of dysautonomia/ POTS, once we have identified exactly what is going on we can start to help you recover”

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Why Dysautonomia Occurs

Dysautonomia results when the normal balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activity is lost. Typically Dysautonomia results in an overactivity in the sympathetic nervous system which results in light-headedness when you stand, nausea, anxiety and dizziness.

Vagal Nerve Stimulation

Common Causes of POTS

POTS has several different contributing factors, neurological, inflammatory, fluid loss, etc.

Once we have identified all the factors involved we can begin to help you recover.

Our approach to treating Dysautonomia/ POTS

Brain and Body Health we have been treating neurological issues successfully since 2012. Ongoing study has changed our approach to include several techniques to get you symptom free asap.

Step 1

Assess the nervous system

Using a combination of Hi-tech equipment to assess your autonomic nervous system, vestibular system, cortical activation and blood results we develop a full understanding of why you have symptoms

Laser Therapy for Neck Pain

Step 2

Improve your Autonomic balance

Using several brain based rehab techniques our goal is to normalise the activity in your autonomic nervous system.

Laser Tracing

Step 3

Make sure the symptoms do not come back

Once we have your symptoms under control our goal is to keep you that way by teaching you the stratergies that will work best for you.

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