Looking for help with ADHD? 

ADHD is an issue where areas of the brain are not newtorking efficiently with one another. Fortunately, there are non-pharmalogical approaches that can help

Hi-Tech neurological assessments to identify the imbalance
Laser Therapy for Neck Pain
Mellilo Method approach to integrate Primitive Reflexes
Chiropractic neck adjustment
Brain based excercise approach to optomise brain activity

“Retained Primitive Reflexes interfere with the normal maturation of your childs brain leading to developmental delays”

How do Primitive Reflexes remain active?

When we are born we have several reflexes that help us to survive. For example the rooting reflex helps babies find and latch onto the nipple to feed and anyone who has put their finger in a babies palm and seen how tight the baby holds on has seen the palmar reflex in action.

As we develop our brains become more complicated and more capable of performing the tasks that the primitive reflexes were doing for us. Ideally, as our brain learns how to do the task the primitive reflex was assisting in the reflex should ‘’switch off’’.

Some Children, for a number of reasons, don’t fully turn off the primitive reflex. Imagine 2 people trying to drive the same car, chaotic and inefficient. This is what happens in the brains of kids with active primitive reflexes

What is the link between Primitive Reflexes and ADHD?

Every child is different, however there have been several papers published showing that Kids with ADHD have an overactivity in the left hemisphere of the brain and an underactivity in the right hemosphere of the brain.

Unfortunately most of the attention nextworks in the brain are in the right hemisphere which is why the delay in development in the right brain can lead to attention issues

Our approach to treating ADHD

At Brain and Body Health we have been helping kids and adults ADHD/ ASD since 2012. Ongoing study has changed our approach to include several techniques to help the brain work more efficiently.

Step 1

Assess the Brain Balance

A full neurological assessment including digital eye movement, reading assessment, QEEG brain scan, Balance assessment and Primitive Reflex assessment to identify the areas contributing to the ADHD

Neuro Development

Step 2

Reduce the ADHD symptoms

Using the Mellilo Method we work on improving brain activity while using various movement based exercises to inhibit any primitive reflexes that are still active

Chiropractic neck adjustment

Step 3

Make sure the ADHD stays under control

Our goal is to arm you or your child with the brain based rehab stratergies you need to keep you brain operating optimally.

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