Effective relief from Dizziness

We work with you to find the cause, get you symptom free and give you exercises to make sure the dizziness does not come back

Neck Pain
Hi-tech vestibular assessment to identify what is going on
Neuro Development
Virtual reality training and vestibular rehab to reduce symptoms
Laser Tracing
Exercises to make sure the Dizziness stays under control long term

“Your sense of balance is a combination of inner ear input, proprioception from your bady and visual input. If one system becomes faulty, dizziness will occur”

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Why Dizziness Occurs

There are several types of dizziness and multiple causes ranging from pathologies to sub-optimal function of your vestibular system. Your sense of balance is the result of your brain putting together information coming in from your inner ears, eyes and body. The movement sensors in your body, ears, and eye should say the same thing when you move.


Common Causes of Dizziness

However, sometimes a sensory conflict occurs when one of the 3 systems starts to say something different to the other 2 systems, the conflict this creates results in dizziness.

Our approach to treating Dizziness

Our goal is to assess each system, proprioception, inner ears and visual systems and find out which one is contributing to your dizziness. From there the goal is to use different exercises and vestibular rehab techniques to recalibrate the input from the system causing the sensory conflict. 

Step 1

Identify the cause of the Dizziness

A thorough neurological assessment to assess brainstem, cerebellum and inner ear function combined with a biochemical review to identify any/ all causes of your dizziness. 

Laser Therapy for Neck Pain

Step 2

Get rid of the Dizziness

Using a combination of techniques our goal is to get the dizziness under control so you can start felling confident about your balance again. Techniques include Chiropractic; Laser Therapy; Massage; Dry Needling; Prologel for Nerve Pain.

Laser Tracing

Step 3

Make sure the Dizziness doesn’t come back

Once your vestibular system is operating the way it should we will show you what exercises you need to do to keep the dizziness under control

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