Vision Training

Vision training may be one component that is used to help improve your vestibular (balance) system. Vision along with your inner ear and your muscles and joints need to provide accurate information to the brain for it to appropriately control balance and posture. There are a number of disturbances which may occur in the control of the eyes, a lot of these eye movements are controlled and regulated unconsciously via reflexes in the brainstem.

Vision training can help improve the control of your eyes and regulate the vestibular system to improve your balance and postural control. Vision training may include sharp quick eye movements called saccades, slow controlled movements called smooth pursuits and vestibular-ocular reflex (VOR) exercises which involve maintains focus on a target with head movements. These forms of training are individualised to each patient based on our thorough evaluation of the visual system via bed-side tests and advanced video analysis using VNG goggles.

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