Neck Pain

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Neck Pain
Combination of approaches to find the cause of your pain
Laser Therapy for Neck Pain
Different techniques to get you out of pain fast
Chiropractic neck adjustment
Exercises to make sure the pain stays under control long term

“The neurological control of your neck posture changes with just 10 minutes of smartphone use”

Illustration of Woman with Neck Pain sitting at computer

Why Neck Pain Occurs

Our necks are built to be flexible enough so we can look around easily. The problem with increasing flexibility is that you lose stability and increase the chance of injury. Working at a desk, using smartphones, minor car accidents and stress all have an impact on your neck’s ability to do its job.

Illustration of woman with shoulder pain

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Long term neck injuries are most commonly at the C5-6 level and effect the disc. The reason for this has to do with important postural muscles called your Deep Neck Flexors which protect your joints and give you good posture. It’s only a little muscle and is prone to weakening over time, especially after whiplash. Once the weakness kicks in, you compensate by tightening up your upper traps (top of your shoulders). Too much tension in the traps causes compression of your discs and joints leading to wear and tear = Osteoarthritis.

Our approach to treating neck pain

At Brain and Body Health we have been treating neck pain successfully since 2006. Ongoing study has changed our approach to include several techniques to get you out of pain asap.

Step 1

Assess the pain

Chiropractic examination to look at your spinal health combined with using Activforce Digital Strength Assessment to find the muscular imbalances that have lead to the pain help us to figure out what we need to do to get rid of the pain.

Laser Therapy for Neck Pain

Step 2

Get rid of the pain

Using a combination of techniques our goal is to get the pain under control so you can start strengthening your neck. Techniques include Chiropractic; Laser Therapy; Massage; Dry Needling; Prologel for Nerve Pain.

Chiropractic neck adjustment

Step 3

Make sure the pain doesn’t come back

You need to strengthen the weak muscles around your neck to make sure the pain doesn’t return. Repairing the muscle imbalance that caused the pain in the first place is key.

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