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Combination of approaches to find the cause of your pain
Laser Therapy for Neck Pain
Different techniques to get you out of pain fast
Chiropractic neck adjustment
Exercises to make sure the pain stays under control long term
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Why Disc Bulges Occurs

In between each vertebra or spine bone, are discs, which act as shock absorbers. The inside of the disc is liquid but the outside is like a tough leather belt. When the muscles that protect your spine, weaken, excess pressure builds up in the discs. In effect this is like bending that belt back and forth with no supporting muscles. Eventually, a crack will appear in the belt, known as an annular tear. The next level of disc injury is when the outer shell of the disc weakens enough to bulge out to one side (disc bulge). Finally, the disc can burst, these cases usually require surgery.

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Common Causes of Disc Injuries

Surrounding muscle weakness, bending and twisting through the back to carry a heavy object, repetitive movements of bending and twisting.

The low back gets overloaded when something isn’t doing its job properly, it could be your hip strength where your glutes are not working hard enough or it could be your core. Once we find the cause and strengthen it we see faster results with Disc Injuries.

Our approach to treating Disc Bulge pain

At Brain and Body Health we have been treating back pain successfully since 2006. Ongoing study has changed our approach to include several techniques to get you out of pain asap.

Step 1

Assess the pain

Chiropractic examination to look at your spinal health combined with using Activforce Digital Strength Assessment to find the muscular imbalances that have lead to the pain help us to figure out what we need to do to get rid of the pain.

Laser Therapy for Neck Pain

Step 2

Get rid of the pain

Using a combination of techniques our goal is to get the pain under control so you can start strengthening your neck. Techniques include Chiropractic; Laser Therapy; Massage; Dry Needling; Prologel for Nerve Pain.

Chiropractic neck adjustment

Step 3

Make sure the pain doesn’t come back

You need to strengthen the weak muscles around your back to make sure the pain doesn’t return. Repairing the muscle imbalance that caused the pain in the first place is key.

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