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The 6 different sub types of Post Concussion Syndrome

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Feelings of Dizziness?
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Noise sensitivity, easily upset by loud noise?
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Fatigue, tiring more easily?
Being Irritable, easily angered?
Feeling Depressed or Tearful?
Feeling Frustrated or Impatient?
Forgetfulness, poor memory?
Poor Concentration?
Taking Longer to Think?
Blurred Vision?
Light Sensitivity, Easily upset by bright light?
Double Vision?
Balance problems?
Feeling mentally ''Foggy''?
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Our approach to identifying the most appropriate therapy for Post Concussion Syndrome

Chiropractor Dr. Eric Hansen graduated from Macquarie University in 2006 and went on to study Neuro-Rehab through a post-grad degree in clinical neuroscience which he graduated from in 2012.

After suffering several minor concussions growing up from Karate and Horseriding Eric focused his studies and efforts on helping people recover from Post Concussion Syndrome.

Step 1

Identify the impacted areas of your Brain

Through an in depth neurological assessment using several devices we can identify which areas of your brain have been effected by the concussion

Laser Therapy for Neck Pain

Step 2

Get rid of the symptoms

Once we have identified the key areas we develop a tailored brain based rehab approach to start rebuilding the strength of your nervous system back to normal levels

Transcranial Laser Therapy

Step 3

Make sure the symptoms do not come back

Our goal is to teach you the stratergies you need to implement at home to keep your nervous system healthy and prevent the concussion symptoms from returning.

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Helpful videos on Post Concussion Syndrome from some colleagues overseas