Concussion Sub Type Questionnaire


Fill out the questionnaire to find out how to optimise your Post Concussion Syndrome recovery.

Did you know that there are 6 different sub-types of Post Concussion Syndrome. Recovery from PCOS can take months (or years in some cases), especially if you are focusing on an approach that isnt tailored to your specific type of concussion.

By identifying your sub-type we can speed up the recover process by focusing on the exercises that are most appropriate for you based on the available evidence. We will send you links to the most best approach for you based on your concussion sub-type.

Compared with before the accident, do you now (i.e., over the last 24 hours) suffer from:

Concussion Subtype
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Feelings of Dizziness?
Nausea and/or Vomiting?
Noise sensitivity, easily upset by loud noise?
Sleep disturbance?
Fatigue, tiring more easily?
Being Irritable, easily angered?
Feeling Depressed or Tearful?
Feeling Frustrated or Impatient?
Forgetfulness, poor memory?
Poor Concentration?
Taking Longer to Think?
Blurred Vision?
Light Sensitivity, Easily upset by bright light?
Double Vision?
Balance problems?
Feeling mentally ”Foggy”?
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