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Brain and Body Health is a multi-disciplinary health treatment centre in Gladesville, offering Chiropractic, Neuro Rehab and Children’s Neuro Development Services.


More than just manipulations, we use  exercise + muscle release with our approach

Neuro Rehab

Using Neuroplasticity and tailored exercises to help your brain function better

Neuro Development

Helping kids reach their full potential by strengthening weak networks in the brain

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POTS and Concussions/PCS

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) is a neurological condition which affects the autonomic nervous system. Within the autonomic nervous system are the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems which work hand-in-hand to regulate all the automatic processes...

POTS Treatment/Rehab

There are several typs of POTS and multiple causes for POTS. At Brain and Body Health we aim to identify what parts of your brain/ nervous system are contributing to the POTS symptoms so that we can develop a therapy program to help you regain function. Typically, we...

Orthostatic Tolerance Training

Orthostatic Tolerance Training

Orthostatic Intolerance Training is a non-pharmacological alternative to treating neurological conditions such as POTS and Orthostatic Intolerance. Studies have shown that patients with these conditions are more susceptible to physical deconditioning due to autonomic...

Concussions in Surfing

There is a large database of research conducted in relation to mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI) within contact sports, however only recently have researchers begun looking into concussion trends amongst non-contact sports such as surfing. A total of 34 337 head...